Daily Checks That Ensure Truck Mounted Attenuators Work Effectively

Truck-mounted attenuators (TMAs) help to protect employees from oncoming traffic by absorbing the impact of a crash by an errant driver who has strayed accidentally into a closed lane during road works. However, the TMAs need to be subjected to daily checks to confirm that they will do their work once they are deployed. This article discusses some of the daily checks that you should confirm that your TMA operator conducts each day before taking the vehicle to a worksite.

Attaching the TMA to the Truck

The TMA is attached to the truck using nuts and bolts. Those attachment mechanisms should be checked on a daily basis to confirm that they are tightened according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Any looseness may put workers at risk because the TMA may detach from the truck during a crash.

Ground Clearance

TMA makers go to great lengths to determine the exact ground clearance that offers the greatest protection once a TMA is positioned ahead of or behind workers on a busy road. You should make sure that the driver of the TMA truck does not position the truck if the ground clearance of the TMA varies from what was outlined in the specifications document provided by the supplier of that equipment.

Energy Absorber Attachment

Attenuators have different ways of absorbing the energy generated by a crash, such as using absorber cartridges. Those energy absorbers are attached to the TMA using bolts. The operator should check the tightness of those bolts so that any loose bolt is tightened before the truck is driven into position on a highway. Loose absorbers can get out of alignment during a crash, resulting in the errant vehicle hurtling towards the workers who were supposed to be protected by the attenuators.


Confirm that the lights on message boards and arrow boards function well. Such lights help to alert oncoming vehicles about road works or a diversion of traffic. Sidelights and brake lights on the truck should also be tested for proper functioning.

The best way to ensure that all the checks above are performed is to design checklists that operators use to conduct a systematic daily inspection of all relevant components. You can then review those checklists to confirm that the tests are being done even when you are not present to supervise that activity. For more information or assistance, contact companies like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd. 

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