How to Make Money with Your Utility Truck Using a Simple Modification

Sometimes life can be unpredictable and you may find yourself without a regular source of income. You may decide that you want to make a change and move into another area of work, to see how you will fare. You may be assessing a number of different income earning opportunities as a consequence, but might not have thought about using your trusty form of transportation to help you. As an owner of a utility truck, did you realise that you could set yourself up as a specialty delivery driver? There are many opportunities available in the marketplace at the moment, but what do you need to do in order to modify your truck accordingly?

Thinking Outside the Box

While you may use your utility truck as a means of getting from point to point, it's a flexible vehicle designed to carry large payloads. Just think how useful this could be to those who don't have the ability to carry their own heavy items. You could set up a service to deliver the goods for them by just modifying a few things on the truck. Remember, consumers sometimes have a need to buy awkward or very bulky items but cannot transport them easily after they've done so. You can collect the items for them and deliver, in return for a handy fee.

Ute Crane

If you want to do this, you will need to find a ute crane for your truck. These powerful and compact pieces of equipment can be attached to the deck of your truck fairly easily. You can operate them with little or no training and they can lift a significant amount.

The best type of ute crane will be made from structural aluminium and be relatively lightweight itself. You can adjust the height so it can move objects through a broad range of motion. It comes with a mounting frame which is bolted to the vehicle tray and when not in use the crane itself can be removed, or folded into a special storage area that can be secured.

You might consider upgrading to an electric version, but remember to upgrade the battery so that it can cope with the increased demands.

Looking at the Opportunities

Let your imagination run wild and think how you could lift a variety of different objects onto your truck for delivery. These could include home appliances (such as a refrigerator) or automotive parts, such as a replacement gearbox or axle. As your vehicle is relatively small, you'll be able to manoeuvre it into areas that a more conventional delivery truck couldn't access.

Start doing your research right away to find a ute crane that would suit your needs down to the ground and boost your earnings capacity.

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