Choose timber roof trusses for your next building project

The roof is often considered the most important component of any building and is normally the most expensive part of the building structure. Roof design needs to balance an aesthetically pleasing design with the need to a create a structure that can withstand the rigours of long-term use. When it comes to roof trusses there are two materials you will want to consider, wood and steel. Steel trusses can bear greater weight, but they have higher material and maintenance costs. Timber has many advantages, which is why timber roof trusses and timber wall frames are widely used in Australia, Canada, the USA, and Europe, Consider a few of these advantages, and see why timber is the right choice for your next building project.


Flexibility is one of the most significant advantages offered by wooden roof trusses. They can be easily connected to other trusses or building components as needed. The high strength-to-weight ratio which timber offers allows the creation of long open spans and more flexibility in the layout of the floor plan. With timber it is also possible to move the partitions without disturbing the structural integrity of the building.

Strength and durability

On-site framing issues can be a real problem in building construction, using timber trusses eliminates this concern. Applying accurate fabrication techniques will ensure that all trusses are the right size and shape and that they provide the appropriate structural integrity for the building.

Better value

Cost is always a factor in building construction and choosing timber trusses rather than steel does offer a significant cost advantage. This advantage can be seen both in the cost of the raw materials, and the construction costs. Steel as a raw material is more expensive than timber, and as steel is more labour intensive for construction workers to handle your construction costs will be greater as well. Timber roof trusses are normally light enough to be installed without requiring heavy machinery, and timber frames can be created quickly which shortens the overall length of the project.

The best of both?

If your building project does involve heavier structural loads than timber alone can support then why not consider incorporating steel truss connector plates into your design? A gusset plate can be used either visibly or invisibly depending on your design considerations and help your timber trusses support heavier loads.

Whatever approach to type of roof design you choose, you can be sure that timber roof trusses are the most effective way support your design.


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