Ask the right questions to choose the perfect land surveyor

If you are considering buying any land you need to think about contacting a land surveyor. A land surveyor can survey your land and prepare a report which defines the boundaries of the land and identifies which parts of the land may be used for building. Land surveyors are vital to ensure that you buy exactly what you think you are buying, and ensuring that you are free to use the land in the way that you wish.

If you don't have a lot of experience with land sales it can be a little intimidating trying to choose a land surveyor. There are a lot of surveyors around all offering their services for a range of prices. How can you know which land surveyor you should choose? There are a few people who can help you with your search. You might try asking your title representative or the agent handling the land sale. If these people are unable to help you then you will need to do some investigation on your own.

Are they experienced in the right type of survey?

Not all land surveys are the same. You must talk to your land surveyor and make sure that they are the right firm to take on your survey. Have they undertaken many jobs similar to yours? What will the survey cover? Will you be presented with a basic summary or a more detailed final document? A survey that simply involves staking out the land would generally be the cheapest type of land survey but if you need a location survey or a boundary survey you should expect to pay your land surveyor more.


How much will the survey cost?

Find out how much your land surveyor will charge. Are there circumstances that might cause that charge to increase? Perhaps unexpected travel expenses, or prolonged bad weather that hampers the surveying efforts? You will ant to avoid being hit with unexpected expenses once you are committed to a land surveyor.

What do their clients think?

Don't be afraid to ask the land surveyor for testimonials from past clients. A good surveyor should be happy to offer references or testimonials from those who have used their services.

When you have the answers to these questions you can find the perfect land surveyor is right for you. Look for someone with the right mix of experience, value for money, and quality of service.

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