Music Festival Organisers: Why You Should Buy Shipping Containers

Live music festivals are becoming increasingly popular across Australia. If you are in the process of planning a music festival, you are probably focusing on booking the acts, working out the stage time and setting up a website so you can sell some tickets. You may not have given much thought to the idea of buying a shipping container. Shipping containers aren't just used to transport things; they can also provide a number of other roles at your festival site.


Perhaps the most obvious advantage of buying used shipping containers is that they have a very high capacity, which means you can store lots of things in them. When setting up your festival, you may be tempted to leave items out in the fields. However, if it rains, it is very easy for your signs, seating and other equipment to become damaged. By buying a shipping container, you can ensure that all of your kit is securely stored before and after the festival.


Just because people are out enjoying a festival, this doesn't mean they don't need to use the toilet. As part of your planning application to the local authorities, you will need to demonstrate that there is adequate toilet provision on site. If there is not, the local council may revoke your licence. Shipping containers can be easily converted into toilets. All you need to do is to cut holes in the underside of the container so pipes can be fitted. You can then install toilets, sinks and stalls in the container itself. Having an adequate number of toilets will prevent people from polluting the local environment with human waste which can be harmful if it enters rivers or streams.

Office Space

When your festival is underway, you will need a headquarters from which you can run the event. Unfortunately, there aren't many places in the middle of a field which would be suitable for this kind of setup. Thankfully, by adapting a shipping container, you can create your own on-site office. Simply set up a generator next to the container and install power points and desks inside. Having your office on site will mean that you can quickly respond to any situation which arises while the festival is underway. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of buying a shipping container, you should contact a professional shipping container supplier today for further information. 

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