Using water pumps to improve your farm water management

Everyone depends on water to live, but the need for water goes far beyond mere drinking. For many people water is an essential component of their business. If you rely on water for your farm or commercial business you probably already know that how you manage your water usage can have a big impact on how successful your business will be in the long-term. This is particularly true in a harsh environment where water is frequently in short supply or of uncertain quality.

Where does your farm water come from?

Farm water is frequently collected from a range of locations including wells, bores, rivers, and dams. By the time the water reaches you it is probable that it will need to undergo a water treatment process before you can use it for irrigation, your household, or any other farm application. There are many ways of treating water, including water filtration and Puretec water filters. Your supplier of Davey pumps will be able to advise your business on the most appropriate testing processes, and treatment methods to ensure that your farm water remains at the right quality level. Checking your water quality regularly will allow you to identify and deal with potential water quality problems before they develop and become serious issues.

Water pumps for fire protection

Farmers know that water pumps play a vital role in many aspects of a farming business, not least protecting their property from bush fires. For many parts of the country the threat of bush fires is very real during the summer months and it is good to know that your farm is adequately protected with fire fighting pumps so that your family and property will remain safe whatever conditions you have to face. Fire will always pose a risk but having a supply of Davey pumps on-site will give you the confidence that you will be able to deal with the worst when it happens.

Water pumps to harvest rainwater

When water is scarce it makes sense to harvest and make use of rainwater when you can. Why not consider connecting a pump from your collection tank to your washing machine, toilet, and even your garden taps. By harvesting rainwater at every opportunity you can reduce the reliance of your farm on mains water which is better for everyone.

By planning ahead and have the right water collection and treatment processes in place your farm can be equipped to face the toughest conditions, and not just survive, but actually thrive.

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