Having an Outdoor Wedding? Consider These Tents That You Can Hire

Australia's temperate climate makes it perfect for outdoor weddings! Whether you want to seal your nuptials by the beach or in a garden, there is a vast array of venues that will provide you with an ideal outdoor location for your fairy-tale wedding. Nonetheless, Australian sunshine can be incredibly harsh, especially during the summer. Moreover, if the weather is to become erratic, there is always the chance of slight drizzle of heavy downpour. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that, as long as you have your guests outside, you hire a tent for your big day. Here is a list of three tents that you could consider hiring for your wedding.

A push-pole tent

Also commonly known as a pole tent, this type is one of the typical types that you will notice at a wedding venue. The push-pole tent variety is quite affordable, making it an ideal choice for a majority if budgets. In addition to their cost efficiency, the pole tents are available in a range of sizes that are hassle-free to assemble. Pole tents are characterised by, as the name implies, a pole in the middle of the tent and the perimeter of the tent will have poles that are much shorter. The tent fabric is then anchored in place by either tie-downs or ropes. Pole tents are popular since they provide an expansive interior, but you have to ensure that your venue is capable of accommodating the size of tent that you choose.

An A-frame tent

If your wedding theme is distinguished by a minimalist yet chic theme, then you could choose an A-frame tent for your main event. Unlike its pole counterpart, this type of tent does not have any need for tie-downs for it to stay securely in place. Thus, it is a perfect choice for couples that are having an intimate wedding in a small venue. For the tent to stay up, it is draped over an inconspicuous metallic frame. A-frame tents are usually made from clear vinyl so that people inside the tent can have an unobstructed view of their surroundings. Furthermore, A-frame tents do not have any interior poles propping it up, so you can be assured of sufficient space under the tent for dancing and mingling.

A marquee tent

If you have a tight budget that cannot be revised, but you require a tent for your wedding, you will find marquee tents an economical solution for your wedding. These types of tents do not have any walls. Thus, they are perfect for summer weddings when you want to ensure there will be a cool breeze that will keep your guests comfortable. Secondly, marquee tents do not have interior poles just like a-frame tents, providing you with a cavernous interior.

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