Things to Consider When Selecting Grass for Your Lawn

Lawns are essential for beautifying residential and commercial spaces. They are an innovative way of adding a natural touch to built areas, eliminating the eyesore created by concrete and other building materials. Lawns connect your premises with nature. You can landscape thoroughly to bring in suitable soils, specific trees, flowers and shrubs. However, the icing on the cake is the grass you choose for your lawn. It covers the most significant portion of the lawn, making sense to give it all the attention it deserves. Read the following piece to learn what you should have in mind when choosing grass for your lawn:

The Nature of the Soil

The first thing to think about is the medium of growth for the grass. The soil will provide nutrients and hold the water needed by the grass at all stages. Usually, the nature of the soil depends on its composition and the primary minerals making it up. Start by examining the technical components such as pH levels. It will help you plan for additional lawn resources like pH controllers and adjusters to develop the grass properly.

Next, move to physical attributes such as the amount of sand and clay present in the soil. For instance, sandy soils are poor at retaining or holding water. Part of preparing your lawn will involve adjusting the soil appropriately to enhance the water retention capacity.

The Type of Grass

It helps to understand the qualities of different types of lawn before choosing one. The right grass will not only appeal aesthetically but also makes things easy when it comes to maintenance. Some of the popular selections here include the following:

Bermuda grass 

This is a species that thrives in the warm season. It is a naturally perennial species that recurs seasonally and lasts through the year. If you want to use it on your lawn, Bermuda grass needs excellent exposure to sunlight and good drainage. You can count on this species for excellent salt, heat and drought resistance. It's ideal for those who want a low-maintenance lawn.


The bluegrass species is suitable for lawns in relatively cold regions. The grass is renowned for the colourful lawns it produces and its exceptional texture. However, the delicate feel is only achievable if you ensure a reliable water supply and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Perennial ryegrass 

Perennial ryegrass shows peak growth when the weather is cool. However, that shouldn't fool you because this grass is as tough as they come. It germinates fast and stands up well against heavy foot traffic.

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