Two Ways You Can Use Rare Earth Magnets if You've Started a Furniture Restoration Business

If you've set up a furniture restoration business, here are some ways that you could use rare earth magnets.

You can use the magnets to keep your furniture restoration tools organised

You will need a large selection of tools for the furniture restoration projects you do, many of which will be made up partly or wholly of metal. This may include staple pullers, tack pullers, ripping hammers and pliers. It's important to keep these well-organised so that you don't misplace or permanently lose them, as if either of these things happens when you're in the middle of restoring a piece of furniture, you'll either have to spend time that you should be using to work on the restoration, searching for this tool in your workshop or you'll have to stop what you're doing to go buy the replacement for the lost tool so you can continue working on that furniture (this would also result in you cutting into the profit you make by doing the restoration).

A few rare earth magnets could prevent this. Simply purchase a metal board for your workshop, secure it to a wall, attach several of these super-strong magnets to it and then place the metal part of each tool to a magnet on the board. Each tool will remain connected to its magnet until you need it and will be easy to locate whenever you require it. You also won't have to worry about the tools slipping off the magnets and breaking, due to the latter's intense magnetic power. Furthermore, you can easily readjust the magnets' positions on the board as your tool collection grows or changes.

These magnets could make using nails easier  

When doing furniture restoration work, you'll probably have to use a hammer and nails fairly regularly, to reattach components after you've repaired the individual pieces. Attaching a magnet to your hammer's metal section could make this easier, as you can then stick, for example, half a dozen nails to the magnet on the hammer and have quick access to these small, easy-to-lose items whenever you need to nail components together.

This will mean that you won't have to worry about the other nails you plan to use rolling off the table onto the floor and going missing whilst you're hammering one into some furniture, or have to check that you're not kneeling or stepping on them as you're working. Instead, they'll all be in a neat and tidy row, on your hammer's rare earth magnet, where you can find and access them the second you need a new one. This could help you to work faster when carrying out your furniture restoration.

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