4 Tips for Buying Diamond Engagement Rings Like a Pro

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring is daunting, to say the least. You should consider various factors, from the ring's carat weight and clarity to its colour and quality. Then, you want to determine the type of metal, sizing, shape and transparency of the diamond ring. Therefore, consider these four tips to help you find the best diamond engagement ring to purchase for your loved one.

Consider Your Partner's Style

The first thing you want to consider when choosing an engagement ring your partner will love is considering their style. Do they love modern or vintage designs? Does yellow gold or white gold excite them? Check their clothing and accessories for more insights into their unique style. Doing so will give you clues into what type of ring they might love.

Additionally, talk to friends and family to learn more about what your partner likes. Most importantly, if your partner confides to you about their desires and preferences, you'll have an easier time deciding. 

Choose the Ideal Shape

Secondly, choose the ideal shape for the diamond engagement ring. However, this primarily depends on personal preferences. You'll find multiple styles for each personality, from stunning heart-shaped pieces to round or oval shapes. Your partner might prefer classic shapes like classic solitaire rings or contemporary emerald-cut halo engagement rings. 

If the ring's appearance and size are a priority, consider shapes that appear larger. The type of shape you opt for will determine the ring's setting style. However, you want to ensure your diamond has a secure setting and can withstand chipping.

Know the Basics of Diamond

Do you know the 4C's of a diamond? Understanding the diamond's cut, clarity, carat and colour will assist you in making an informed decision when choosing a diamond engagement ring. The ring's aesthetics and quality might differ dramatically. 

Based on the 4C's, only choose a professionally cut diamond to ensure it provides the highest brilliance and fire. When selecting based on colour, consider diamond rings that are almost colourless with a G-1 range. Additionally, consider a diamond with VS1 or VS2 clarity grade because blemishes and inclusions are less visible. And since sparkle and beauty matter most, focus on a meticulously cut diamond ring instead of carat weight. 

Select the Ideal Metal 

Lastly, you have four primary options when selecting the engagement ring's metal, including platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. First, consider a colour that compliments your partner's unique style. If your partner loves silver jewellery, opt for white gold. 

If they are into more colour, go for rose gold rings. However, choose white gold over platinum if you are working on a budget because it needs less maintenance.

For more information about diamond engagement rings, contact a local jewellery store.

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